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3 Reasons Foxes Aren’t Pets



They may be cute, but foxes are not pets.

Although foxes look like our canine friends, they’re wild animals who are not suited to living in human homes. Read on for exactly why foxes are not pets.

a red fox in the wild

1. Foxes are wild animals with complex needs

Unlike the pup who may live in your home, foxes are wild animals whose needs are not compatible with living amongst humans but rather are only met by life in a wild habitat. For example, in their wild habitats, foxes love to forage, hunt, and catch their own food.

On top of that, foxes are incredibly active animals because they are crepuscular (most active during twilight hours).

2. Foxes can spread disease

Foxes are wild animals who can carry diseases found in the wild—diseases particularly dangerous for humans and animals living in human homes. Examples include roundworm, mange, leptospirosis, and rabies.

Further, if a fox kept as a pet is taken in public and bites someone, that fox is likely to be seized and euthanized. Understandably, keeping a wild animal like a fox is not legal in many states due to the public health threat.

Arctic fox in a fur farm

3. Keeping a fox as a pet supports the harmful illegal wildlife trade

Unfortunately, foxes are still being trapped from the wild and sold into the illegal wildlife trade to be sold as pets or killed for their fur. Seeking out a fox as a pet fuels this cruel system that exploits not only foxes but other wild animals like reptiles and primates. If you’re looking for a new furry friend, skip foxes by considering adopting a cat or dog from your local animal shelter—this way, you’ll provide a fur-ever home that’s safe for both you and your new companion.

Remember: wild animals like foxes (and also turtles, snakes, and birds) are not pets and do not belong in human homes. Fight for foxes and other wild animals by taking our Wildlife. Not Pets pledge to protect wildlife and never purchase a wild animal.

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