Creamy miso polenta bowl.

12 Plant-Based Winter Recipes for When It’s Cold AF Outside


There’s nothing better than enjoying comfort food where you live when the air hurts your face.

It’s cold AF outside, and that means two things: 1) sensory overload with how many layers you have to wear and 2) an absolute need for warm, filling comfort foods.

Here are 12 plant-based winter recipes to get you through the cold, gray winter.

Vegan gnocchi.

1. Tuscan Vegan Gnocchi from Eat with Clarity

Inspired by Tuscan white bean soup, this gnocchi recipe is out of this world.

French onion and seitan vegan ramen.

2. French Onion and Seitan Ramen from Olives for Dinner

A plant-based take on Bon Appétit’s French Onion Beef Noodle Soup recipe, this ramen recipe is so warm and comforting.

Vegan sweet potato stew.

3. Vegan Sweet Potato Stew from Make It Dairy-Free

I don’t know about you, but I love sweet potato stew! This recipe is sure to please your entire family.

Vegan spinach artichoke pasta.

4. Creamy Vegan Spinach Artichoke Pasta from the Minimalist Baker

Yum! This recipe is a staple in my household.

Vegan lentil tortilla soup.

5. Vegan Lentil Tortilla Soup from Eat with Clarity

Tortilla soup has been all over my TikTok FYP lately, so I can’t wait to try out this plant-based version.

Roasted parsnip soup.

6. Creamy Roasted Parsnip Soup from Olives for Dinner

Okay, is anybody else drooling over this recipe? Just me? OK.

Lemon chickpea soup

7. Lemon Chickpea Soup from Eat with Clarity

This lemon chickpea soup is packed with veggies, is ready in 30 minutes, and is packed with plant-based protein!

Vegan chili mac and cheese

8. One Pot Vegan Chili Mac and Cheese from Make It Dairy-Free

Pasta and chili all in one recipe? I’m in.

Crispy quinoa and roasted veg.

9. Crispy Quinoa and Roasted Vegetable Kale Salad from The Minimalist Baker

Whoever said salads aren’t a comfort food is spreading lies. This recipe will warm you right up!

Creamy miso polenta bowl.

10. Creamy Miso Polenta Bowl with Oven Roasted Maple Sriracha Cauliflower from Make It Dairy-Free

Some people don’t like polenta, and they would be wrong. You’ll even impress yourself with this recipe!

Vegan mushroom stroganoff.

11. Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff from Eat with Clarity

One pot meal in 30 minutes? Yes, please! Get the recipe.

Maitake mushroom wontons.

12. Oyster Mushroom Wontons in a Roasted Ginger Broth from Olives for Dinner

Make extra because you’re gonna want seconds of this recipe!

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