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Kimera Koffee started as a vision from a group of friends looking for a way to make a difference in peoples' lives. Long story short, we set out to combine amazing artisan high-altitude coffee with powerful vitamins proven to boost cognitive function. 

Our mission is to provide customers with the tools to unlock human potential. Through the combination of science and nature, we set out to design products that would aid and assist human development. Kimera Koffee is more than just coffee, it’s a way of life. 

From August-October, $1 for every Kimera Koffee order will be donated to World Animal Protection.


From Kimera Koffee

"We believe that how you treat other living beings is a direct reflection of oneself. History has taught us that some of mankind's greatest achievements have been aided by coexisting peacefully and sustainably with nature. Throughout the development of humankind, we have been sharing our lives with other living beings.


All animals should live a cruel-free and ethical life. Kimera Koffee strongly supports the humane treatment of animals and the protection of their natural habitats."


  - Theo Armenteros

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