Donate Cryptocurrency

Make a gift of cryptocurrency to help World Animal Protection end the suffering and cruelty of animals. Forever.

For over 70 years, World Animal Protection has been rewriting the story for animals. Working across almost 50 countries with offices in 12, we focus on: exposing cruel systems, promoting and supporting animal-friendly alternatives, influencing legislation for policy change, and campaigning to mobilize grass-roots influence.

When you sell your crypto, you generally pay a capital gains tax on the value increase. If you donate it to World Animal Protection, there’s no capital gains tax to pay, and you can make an even larger impact.

Donate Cryptocurrency

This secure crypto donation tool automatically notifies us of your gift intention and allows you to donate your cryptocurrency, name a gift intention, and request a tax receipt—all in a few minutes.

You can contact us with any additional questions, at:

Phone: (646) 783-2200


It’s always a good idea to consult a financial advisor to understand your specific tax liability before donating to charity.

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