Help Us Protect Wild Animals

Groupon sells deals to roadside zoos, petting zoos, and marine amusement parks, many of which sell cruel interactions with wild animals.

Our Ask

We are urging Groupon to prohibit running deals to venues that offer interactions with wild animals and/or captive wild animal performances.

We’re also asking the company to adopt an animal welfare policy that protects wild animals and doesn’t exploit them.

Why Groupon?

Groupon is one of the largest travel companies that continue to sell deals to venues that exploit wild animals for entertainment and profit.

Our research has found that Groupon sells deals to roadside zoos, petting zoos, and marine amusement parks, many of which sell cruel interactions with wild animals.

In 2020, Groupon reported 1.4 billion in revenue and had over 29 million active customers.

With its millions of users, the permanent removal of these exploitative venues from their offering would positively impact thousands of animals.

Groupon Venues

Groupon deals are time-limited, meaning venues and offers change constantly. Historically, Groupon has done business with some of the most infamous wildlife exploiters in the country, including G.W. Exotic, the facility owned by Joe Maldonado, aka the Tiger King, as well as multiple circuses that used elephants in dangerous and harmful performances such as Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Examples of venues advertised on Groupon

Sad monkey in zoo
Suncoast Primate Sanctuary, a pseudo-sanctuary in Florida where primates are kept in barren cages
An undisclosed dolphin venue in Florida. A dolphin is looking through the class in the underwater observation area.
Dolphin Discovery, where dolphins work up to 12-hour days posing for selfies with tourists and performing in unnatural shows
sloth in a cage
SeaQuest, a national chain of cruel petting zoos and aquariums, where multiple animals, including an otter and sloth, died.

We Need Your Support

To win this campaign, we won’t be able to do it alone. That’s why we put together this activist toolkit. Below are all the resources you need to put pressure on Groupon and urge company leadership to stand up for animals.

We want to show Groupon that it’s not just World Animal Protection calling on them to stop profiting from animal suffering but YOU, and the many others who care about animals. Together, we can get our voices heard and make change happen.

How Can You Help

monkey in cage

1. Email Groupon Leadership

Our one-click action will send a message to Groupon’s CEO and Head of Social Responsibility. Click on the link, enter your information, and have the option to customize your message.

2. Join Our Tweetstorm

On the 3rd Thursday of every month from 11 am to 11:30 am ET, we’re running a tweetstorm on Twitter to amplify pressure on Groupon. Sign up with the link and we’ll provide sample Tweets and photos for you to use. Don’t know how to use Twitter? No worries. You can sign up for a demo with us at the link.

3. Build Support in Chicago 

We’re planning in-person demonstrations in Chicago, where Groupon is based, to build pressure the company. Live in Chicago or know anyone that lives in the Windy City? Ask them to sign up for a future demonstration.

4. Recruit College Students

Do you know anyone currently enrolled in college or university? We’re planning a future campaign action specifically for students to take. As a tech company, Groupon's leadership depends on its talent pool for success, and what students (future talent) have to say about Groupon’s failure to protect wild animals will surely influence them. Share this form with any students you know.

5. Live chat with Groupon  

Chat with Groupon’s customer support team and ask them to escalate our ask campaign. To use the Live Chat, click on “How can we help” and then “Existing Order.” In a few moments, you will be directed to a live agent. Once the agent connects, type your message.

Sample message: Hi, I’m writing to express my disappointment with Groupon. Groupon sells tickets to cruel wildlife entertainment deals such as roadside zoos, fake animal sanctuaries, and many other exploitive venues. Can you please tell leadership to stop selling these deals?

6. Comment on Groupon’s Facebook and Instagram 

Similar to our Tweetstorm action, we’ll be coordinating days to post mass comments on Groupon’s Facebook and Instagram. These days will be random and meant to shake up Groupon’s social media accounts when they least expect it!

7. Email Groupon’s Customer Support

Send an email to Groupon’s customer support team and ask them to escalate our campaign.To send an email, click on the link and type “customer support” in the search box. Click “Contacting Groupon Customer Support,” then “Contact Us,” then “send us an email.” Fill out the form and hit send. Feel free to use the sample message from the Live Chat action above.

8. Share this Guide

Sharing is caring! The more people that join us, the better chance we’ll have of winning the campaign.

9. Tell Us Your Ideas

Have any thoughts on how else we can move Groupon? Let us know! We love learning new ideas on how we can make a positive impact for animals.

Download a PDF Toolkit


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