Grey background with a spaniel puppy dog overlayed on top.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Hi, Canine friends (and the people who love them)!

I was so happy to be adopted by my wonderful family. I know many of you are rescues just like me!

I love going for walks with my family, and sometimes I get to pick out a special treat at my neighborhood Petco. It makes me sad when I see all the other animals in cages for sale next to the leashes and chew toys.

All of us dogs know how horrible puppy mills are, but did you know that small mammals like guinea pigs and hamsters, reptiles, and birds sold in pet stores come from large commercial breeding facilities that produce as many animals as cheaply as possible? These are mills too, and just like puppy mills, they are cruel. Many of these animals don’t even make it to the store alive.

My friends at World Animal Protection are fighting for animals every day. I’m asking you to help by not purchasing any animal for sale. Adopt, don’t shop! 

Help End Cruel Pet Store Sales