Urge Hormel to Protect Farmed Animals and Human Health

Antimicrobial (or antibiotic) resistance is a rapidly growing global health crisis fueled by many factors, and the use of antibiotics as a routine practice to prevent disease in factory-farmed animals is a primary driver today. Residues of antibiotic drugs and drug-resistant bacteria–also called ‘superbugs’–contaminate our environment and food supply from misuse of antibiotics in farmed animals.

This crisis has been called the “next global pandemic,” and if actions are not taken by key stakeholders, the issue will only continue to get worse.

As the global company behind brands such as SPAM, Hormel Chili, Jennie-O, and Natural Choice, Hormel has the power and responsibility to effect needed change for a more humane, sustainable food system. Join us in urging Hormel to eliminate the use of antibiotics for disease prevention in its entire supply chain.

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