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7 Black-Owned Plant-Based Businesses to Check Out



Looking to support Black-owned businesses while shopping plant-based? Read on for some of our favorites!

Black history is all around us and should be taught and celebrated throughout the year, not just in February. Similarly, Black-owned businesses should be frequented regularly, not just once a year. Here are some of our favorite Black-owned plant-based businesses that you should have on your shopping list.


This Black-owned wellness company offers everything from beauty products to make-your-own-matcha kits and superfood blends. Delicious and nutritious!

Hella Nuts

If you couldn’t tell from its name, Hella Nuts sells nut-based meat available at its restaurant located in Oakland, CA, and online.

Houston Sauce Co. 

Get your plant-based sauce on with Houston Sauce Co. sauces, which include flavors like BBQ, Salsa Verde, and regular hot sauce.


Craving plant-based pasta? Order the Mac & Yease in bulk from iEatGrass, or try an assorted pack to find a new favorite.

Mylk Dog 

Mylk Dog has one of our favorite cheese replacements, the Notcho Cheez of your dreams.

Choose Life Foods 

These all-natural, plant-based, Caribbean patties from Choose Life Foods will delight you and your loved ones. Freeze them and reheat in minutes!

Major’s Project Pop 

Let’s talk pop--popcorn, that is! Whether you’re a popcorn purist or all about a new flavor, Major’s Project Pop has the popcorn for you.


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Black-owned businesses should be frequented regularly, not just once a year.