Kangaroo looking at the camera.

End the Sale of Kangaroo Skin in New York

More than a million kangaroos are horrifically killed for their skin and meat every year. Commercial hunters track kangaroos at night, blind them with bright lights, and then shoot them. Some shots aren’t immediately fatal, leaving kangaroos to bleed to death. Orphaned joeys are bludgeoned to death or killed by starvation and exposure to the elements  

Sports and fashion companies are driving this slaughter. Kangaroo leather, or K-leather, was once the top material for high-end soccer cleats. But companies like Nike and Puma are phasing out K-leather in favor of humane, synthetic materials.  

Sponsored by Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal and Senator James Skoufis, S8829/A07840 would prohibit the sale of kangaroo leather in New York State. Ask your state legislators to co-sponsor these bills and protect kangaroos.