Two grey parrots perched on a branch.

Spend quality time together learning about animals

If you’re looking to reward your compassionate and curious child with an animal companion, teach them about responsibility, or just want to bring a new member into your family—start here! 

Free Tickets to Carolina Tiger Rescue

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Rules: For ages 7-12, up to two tickets per household, open to families in Raleigh, NC area. Open to the first 250 children.


Our FREE kid’s activity book teaches children all about what wild animals need to thrive, the importance of keeping animals in the wild, and how to responsibly adopt animals in need.


Father and son watching TV together.


Start by choosing an exciting animal show from our list, complete fun activities, and then sign a pledge to keep wild animals wild and to adopt, not shop! Upon completion, your child will get a FREE ticket to tour the Carolina Tiger Rescue, an accredited wildlife sanctuary, and a fun certificate they can showcase!


Why participate?


  • Spend quality time together learning about animals
  • Help your child build empathy for animals and learn about their needs
  • Pass your love for animals on to your children by participating together!
  • Teach responsible pet adoption


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