Video: 2016 accomplishments and looking ahead to 2017



Together, we've accomplished so much for animals in need

In 2016, we protected wildlife, farm animals, pets, and more - and it's all thanks to YOU.

Together, we moved TripAdvisor to help protect wild animals from being cruelly used as tourist entertainers. During the Rio Olympics, we were able to bring animal protection to the top of the global agenda. We provided aid to thousands of animals affected by natural disasters. More than 300,000 supporters signed petitions urging fast-food retailers to improve welfare standards for meat chickens. We administered our one millionth rabies vaccination as we continued to provide solutions to keep dogs from being inhumanely killed to control rabies. And so much more.

2016 was a year of incredible progress and inspiration. But our work to end the suffering of animals isn't done. We're looking to do even more in 2017, and we're so glad you're with us.

You helped create better lives for more than 100 million animals in 2016.