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Romania: orphaned bear cubs are rescued



We’re relieved to report that two tiny bear cubs have been rescued from an abandoned den in a Transylvanian forest

The 4 week-old siblings are now in the care of our partner organization, the Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP).

Rangers in the Pădurea Bogății forest reserve were completing routine duties when they noticed something odd – a den containing two very young cubs, but no parent to be seen. It’s highly unusual for a mother bear to leave her cubs unattended for long unless she’s in real trouble – but the rangers wanted to make sure they gave her time to return before intervening on behalf of the vulnerable cubs. They monitored the den until it became clear that, tragically, the mother bear wouldn’t make it back to her babies in time. It’s likely that she had somehow been killed. 

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Knowing that leaving them alone any longer risked the lives of the two cubs, the rangers stepped in and contacted AMP. Their team responded immediately, rescuing the tiny pair and bringing them to the Victory animal shelter in nearby Brasov, where they received medical attention. Having been without their mother for some time, the cubs were dehydrated – but they took hungrily to bottle-feeding, and will soon be transferred to the World Animal Protection-funded bear sanctuary for specialist care under quarantine. 

We’re excited to share this rare footage of the siblings – who have yet to be named – getting used to their new surroundings (and tucking in to a bottle). 

Unlike some rescued bears, whose life in captivity has meant that they simply can’t be released into the wild, it is hoped that these beautiful cubs can one day return to their natural habitat. For now though, round-the-clock care is the order of the day. In the wild, mother bears can nurse their cubs for up to two years. Without her, these two will require special support and diligent monitoring if they are to survive. Luckily they’re now in the right place – and thanks to supporters like you, they’ll be given the best possible chance of pulling through. 

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We know you’ll want to be kept updated – we’ll let you know just as soon as we have news on the cubs’ progress.

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Article author: Rosie Bell, Copywriter for World Animal Protection UK

Thanks to supporters like you, these cubs will be given the best possible chance of pulling through.