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5 Easy Tips to Eat Less Meat



Reducing our meat consumption benefits animals, the planet, and our health. Here are our top tips to get started.

Eating less meat is crucial in shifting away from cruel factory farming. By reducing global demand for meat products, there will be less pressure on the farmers who have industrialized their systems in order to meet this currently excessively high demand.

But eating humanely doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition. If more people started eating a little less meat each week, they could help billions of animals who are factory farmed every year.

Whether you are looking to just reduce how much meat you eat, or thinking about embracing a plant-based lifestyle, these easy-to-follow tips can help you take your first steps.

1. Try meatless Mondays.

Drastic approaches to lifestyle changes don’t work for everyone. Instead, try and phasing out meat from your diet little by little. Choose what works for you, whether you commit to a plant-based Monday or one plant-based meal each day. Every little bit counts! 

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2. Explore plant protein.

Protein is an essential nutrient in our diet, helping us build and repair muscle. Nature offers us a wide and colorful variety of meat-free options that are rich in protein. You could try legumes such as lentils and beans, tofu, and chickpeas. Many greens are also a fresh and healthy source of protein. Check out our list for affordable plant-based proteins to get you started.

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3. Make the most out of your meat.

So much of the food we buy is wasted. To make sure any meat you buy doesn’t end up in the bin, try planning your meals ahead, so you can buy only what you need. Freeze any leftovers for a quick dinner!

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4. Consider plant-based meat

There are so many options for meat alternatives these days, with some replicating the taste and texture almost to perfection. These are ideal for those who struggle with the idea of parting (temporarily or permanently) with the taste of meat. They also come in such as sausages or burgers, making it easy to just swap them into your favorite recipes.

Meat-alternative burgers on a grill with cheese and onions

5. Try with a buddy!

It’s easier to try something new with a friend. Why not embark on your new lifestyle with a buddy so you can exchange tips, recipes and recommendations on the best plant-based restaurant options?

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We are not a vegan or vegetarian organization, but we do understand the huge effect that eating less meat can have on the lives of farm animals, your health, and the planet. We hope these tips are helpful to you whether you’re dipping your toe in the water, or diving into a plant-based lifestyle.

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