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Did you know that monthly giving is the best way to support World Animal Protection? By giving each month, you provide a reliable source of funds, protecting more animals. Or you can give a one-time gift today. 



$12 could help vaccinate 4 dogs against rabies, saving each from being needlessly killed


$27 could provide emergency medicine to 1,000 cats victim to natural disaster


$107 could feed all the bears in our partner sanctuary for one day

Your gift makes a real difference for animals animals around the world

Every day, in every country, millions of animals are suffering. With your help, we're able to change their lives for the better, whether they are:

  • In the wild – where animals like bears and marine animals are cruelly traded, kept captive or killed.
  • In disasters – where animals are victims of catastrophic natural and man-made events.
  • In farming – where animals are raised and transported in terrible conditions.
  • In communities – where dogs are needlessly killed due to the fear of rabies.

We couldn't achieve everything we do for animals without your compassionate support. 

Why become part of our monthly giving program?

Monthly giving is the best way to support World Animal Protection. By giving each month, you provide a reliable source of funds, thus protecting more animals. 

  • Easy, convenient and secure – Set it up once and you will have peace of mind that you are helping animals around the world helping each month. Your donations are also securely deducted from your credit card or checking account each month in the amount you select.
  • Keeps you informed – In addition to a quarterly newsletter, you will receive updates with stories of the animals you've rescued. You will also receive an official Animal Protector magnet so you can show your support for World Animal Protection!

Setting up your monthly gift

  •     Complete our easy online form
  •     Call our Supporter Services team on 646.783.2200 or toll-free 800.883.9772 

Join our monthly giving program today and become part of an extraordinary community of dedicated supporters who are moving the world to protect animals.

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