Retirement funds

Help animals with a tax-smart gift from your IRA

The IRA charitable distribution is a great way to help your bottom line while helping animals.
You can transfer up to $100,000 (per person, per year) directly from your individual retirement accounts to a qualified charity like World Animal Protection.

Once you have turned 70 ½, there are requirements for annual minimum withdrawals from your traditional IRAs and employer-sponsored retirement plans, and it is considered taxable income.
Making a charitable distribution from your IRA directly to World Animal Protection helps you avoid that increase in taxable income – and protect animals.

If you have turned 70 ½ and will be taking $1,000 out of your IRA this year, you might pay an additional $350 in income taxes (if your income tax bracket is 35%), leaving you with about $650 in total.
Instead you can direct the entire distribution to World Animal Protection, and the full $1,000 will go directly to help protect animals.
This distribution will not affect your taxes.

It is important that you alert us about your gift via a qualified charitable distribution, as many checks arrive without identifiable information.
Please call Liz Quick, Director of Development at 646-783-2208 or email at
Please include your mailing address so we can send you a timely tax receipt.

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