Walmart: This is cruelty. End it.

Many companies have committed to sourcing only pork from suppliers that house mother pigs in group housing systems. But Walmart, one of the world’s largest retailers, has not made a commitment to eliminate cruel sow stalls in its pork supply.

95% of pigs are raised on factory farms where they can’t behave naturally.

Did you know…

  • Pigs are playful and social. They form strong bonds with one another, humans, and other animals. They are intelligent and able to solve complex problems and puzzles.
  • BUT 95% of pigs are raised on factory farms where they can’t behave naturally.
  • 3 out of 4 mother pigs are confined to cages during pregnancy, unable to stand up, turn around, or rest comfortably. 

Large retailers like Walmart have the power to end this cruel practice. In fact, 89% of Americans believe retailers have a responsibility to ensure pigs are treated right.

Send a letter to help end pig cruelty

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Millions of sows still live in intensive confinement, but people like you have the power to change their lives for the better!

We are urging Walmart to commit to policies that prohibit cruel cages and require group housing with enrichment for mother pigs.

Please join us in demanding that Walmart stop buying from producers that cage pigs by signing and submitting the letter below.

Subject: This is cruelty. End it.

Dear Mr. McMillon,

I care deeply about animals, including animals used in farming. I also care about climate change and public health. Like most US consumers, I want to know the retailers I shop at only sell animal products from animals that were able to express their natural behaviors, and were not subjected to extreme stress, close confinement, or unnatural growth.

As a company that takes pride in investing in your communities, Walmart must recognize that selling pork from factory farms is not only inhumane for pigs but contributes to poor health, economic injustice, and environmental pollution. To be a leader in the retail industry and invest in sustainable solutions, I urge you to stop sourcing pork from suppliers that confine pregnant pigs in gestation crates. These crates prevent mother pigs from standing, turning around, or lying down with limbs fully extended, causing stress, fear, and discomfort.

Close confinement systems are animal cruelty. Please commit to sourcing 100% of fresh pork products from producers that keep mother pigs in open housing with enrichments.

Thank you,

Concerned shopper

By submitting this message, you are giving consent to World Animal Protection US to send the above letter to Walmart CEO, Doug McMillon, on your behalf.

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There are several more ways you can act to protect pigs!

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There are so many ways to get involved, don't miss out!

1. Stop 

Stop buying pork at Walmart stores until they publicly commit to sourcing from crate-free suppliers.

2. Write 

Host a letter writing party and bring animal lovers together around a great cause.

3. Sign 

Sign our pledge to buy high-welfare pork and help end factory farming! Learn more about our Raise Pigs Right campaign >

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