Wildlife. Not Entertainers.

Want to see wildlife while on vacation? You’re not alone. 

But did you know that wild animals around the world are facing a lifetime of suffering just to entertain tourists?

If you can hug, ride, touch or take a photo with a wild animal, the chances are it has suffered some kind of cruelty.

Changing the world, together

Petitions take just seconds to support and can be incredibly powerful. Last year over 240,000 supporters worldwide signed our Wildlife Selfie Code. Our campaign also inspired Instagram to take action to raise awareness of the suffering of wild animals caught in the entertainment industry.

In 2016, 558,000 supporters signed our petition asking TripAdvisor to stop selling tickets to cruel wildlife attractions. They listened. They have stopped selling tickets to some of the world’s cruellest tourist activities, and their website now hosts a new education portal, that will educate millions of tourists about the cruelties imposed upon wild animals by exploitative attractions. 

We will continue our work throughout 2019 and beyond to protect wild animals from cruelty in the name of entertainment.

Join the movement

Join the movement to help protect animals today.

By working together, we can help end the suffering of wild animals in the name of tourist entertainment for good.

I stand with World Animal Protection and will not take part in any activities that involve touching or taking selfies with wild animals. Wildlife. Not entertainers.

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