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Posted on August 25 2017
Three travel companies in China, including one of the largest in the country, have signed our elephant-friendly tourism pledge, leading the way for more to
Posted on August 10 2015
Wild animals are enduring lifelong misery for tourist entertainment. Stand with us in asking the travel industry and governments to end the exploitation of
Posted on September 14 2015
The appalling cruelty inflicted upon Asian elephants used for tourist rides and shows is now spreading throughout Southern Africa.
Posted on August 11 2015
On World Lion Day 2015, celebrities joined us as we made one giant roar to highlight the torture that lions face all in the name of ‘entertainment’.
Posted on September 17 2015
Helen Proctor, our Sentience Manager, talks about the intelligence and emotions of elephants, and why elephant rides cause them a lifetime of suffering. Read
Posted on March 16 2016
From riding elephants to selfies with tigers, your support is helping us expose the world’s cruelest animal tourist attractions.
Posted on December 10 2018
EF is first international education company to collaborate with World Animal Protection to ensure travel programs are wildlife friendly and avoid attractions
Posted on November 06 2018
A shockingly high number of the world’s travel trade associations are lagging in providing animal welfare guidelines to travel companies, our new research
Posted on June 21 2016
After a year of asking, and over 330,000 people demanding action, we met with TripAdvisor last week to discuss how they can help protect wild animals being
Posted on January 25 2017
YAS announced that it has stopped selling tickets to tours that offer some of the world’s cruelest wildlife attractions, including elephant rides and walks