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Posted on September 30 2016
We’ve been fighting the use of cages for animal products for decades. From fur farming to bear-bile extraction to egg production, these cages are generally
Posted on October 09 2019
Learn more about what the reducetarian lifestyle is and how reducing meat consumption can improve the lives of animals, your health and the planet.
Posted on December 12 2016
As global chicken consumption grows each year, the mass production of meat chickens remains one of the biggest causes of animal suffering in the world. Here
Posted on July 15 2019
Chickens are winning as KFC joins the Better Chicken Commitment in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium. It’s the first major fast food
Posted on November 07 2016
Compass Group USA and Aramark, two leading food service management and support services companies, are working with suppliers to commit to healthier, slower-
Posted on January 03 2018
Animals can’t make New Year’s resolutions to transform their own lives but you can help stop their suffering.
Take action with World Animal Protection and help end animal suffering worldwide.
Posted on January 06 2017
The New Year is a time to make changes, but resolutions can be very difficult to stick to. Whether or not you've kept to your commitments so far, it's never
Posted on December 22 2015
Our partner Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, have announced a ground breaking commitment to source only cage-free eggs for all of their products in
Posted on June 03 2019
Last week on World Otter Day, we released a report regarding the capture and exploitation of Asian otters. But there is a new trend that is very troubling for