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Posted on May 09 2019
Elepop - an immersive popup experience - is designed to encourage everyone to become an ambassador for elephant protection through the power of social media
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Posted on January 12 2015
The Colombian government has committed to protecting the Amazon pink river dolphin (Boto) from being slaughtered for illegal use as fishing bait to catch
Posted on December 16 2014
After Typhoon Hagupit hit the Philippines and volcanic eruptions decimated Fogo Island in Cabo Verde, our disaster response teams have been deployed in full
Posted on September 03 2014
After spending their entire lives as victims of the cruel sport of bear baiting, two female Asiatic bears – Josee and Galax – were surrendered to our partners
Posted on September 08 2014
World Animal Protection worked with Education for Nature Vietnam to expose the dark side of tourism - exploiting bears for bear bile.
Posted on January 30 2019
We caught up with Rene, a female Asiatic black bear rescued from bear baiting in 2012.
Our new report, A Close up on cruelty: The harmful impact of wildlife selfies in the Amazon reveals the alarming trend of taking selfies with wild...
World Animal Protection's goal is to increase the welfare of the billions of farm animals involved in global food production.