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Hi, I’m Cameron. I have devoted my career to improving the health, sustainability, and equity of our food system, starting with food gardens and nutrition
Posted on June 26 2018
As key members of the pork industry gather for this yearly event, we continue our focus on moving them to Raise Pigs Right.
Posted on April 23 2018
CP Foods promises to get pregnant mother pigs out of cages in its Thai operations by 2025. This is excellent news as we move further into our campaign to Raise
Posted on May 13 2019
Florence is traveling to the UN’s disaster risk reduction meeting next week with a clear message to governments: Don’t forget animals in global discussions on
Posted on May 10 2018
With most mother pigs suffering in cruel confinement; a report shows the similarities between post-birth disorders in human moms and mother pigs.
Posted on August 07 2018
Kroger, the largest grocery chain in the US, has committed to phasing out cruel gestation crates in their supply chain by 2025.
Posted on February 06 2018
Our Global Farm Animal adviser, Sarah Ison, recently sat down to share her perspective on the lives of pigs and what it takes for them wag their tails.
Posted on April 18 2018
Pigs are among the most intensively farmed animals on the planet, and are suffering at every stage of their lives. Take the pledge and urge supermarkets to act
Posted on April 23 2018
Some factory-farmed mother pigs are proving their high intelligence by breaking out of their cages each night