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Posted on March 09 2016
We welcome the confiscation of the tigers from the ‘Tiger Temple’ as a significant step forward in protecting wild animals from the inherent cruelty involved
Posted on February 22 2016
Bear baiting could be the very definition of barbarism. Some bears at our Balkasar sanctuary in Pakistan have suffered so badly in their former lives that they
Posted on January 25 2016
Dressed in shorts and boxing gloves, orangutans are forced to fight each other in pretend boxing matches as an attraction spectacle for visitors.
Posted on March 01 2016
We’re relieved to report that two tiny bear cubs have been rescued from an abandoned den in a Transylvanian forest
Posted on January 20 2016
Max suffered many years of mistreatment before he was rescued in 2006. But today, he lives free from daily pain and suffering in his home at the Romanian bear