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Planet Love Life was founded through Rob & Melody Webster’s adventures in the Bahamas. While they cleaned up ghost gear from beaches, they were inspired to carry the story of the ocean onto dry land and began making bracelets from the nets they collected. Now, through their brand and products, they promote marine debris awareness and provide education on preventing wildlife entanglement, sustainable living, and preserving our planet's natural environments through the love and respect for life.

PLL is creating a network of love for life in the Ocean by working with volunteers and non-profit organizations around the globe to create awareness and solutions to prevent & remove ghost gear.

In correlation with our Sea Change as well as Wildlife. Not Entertainers campaigns, we have partnered with PLL on the Bottlenose Dolphin bracelet to bring awareness to ocean pollution and captive dolphins in entertainment.

20% of the sale of each bracelet is donated to World Animal Protection.



From Planet Love Life



"Planet Love Life is proud to partner with World Animal Protection in a joint effort to raise awareness of the negative impacts that ghost gear creates for life on our Planet. Planet Love Life believes the work being done through the Global Ghost Gear Initiative’s “Sea Change” campaign is a vital key to reducing the amount of fishing gear being lost into our oceans.”

- Rob Wester, Planet Love Life


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