Top 3 Instagram photos March 2018


On Instagram, we're excited to bring you on a journey through the photos we share and showcase our global movement to protect animals.

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Last month, we highlighted our Better lives for dogs campaign in Ghana, the amazing work that the Global Ghost Gear Initiative is doing for marine animals, and looked back on some of our recent work to protect animals in disasters around the world.

As we begin to turn our attention to pigs in farming, we're going to enable you to act for pigs in need.

We're counting on our supporters to help us build the movement to raise pigs right, and we'll be sharing photos and stories of the animals we've encountered along the way.

Let's revisit your 3 most liked photos of last month: 

1. Be the change for wild animals in need


2. Tong Khun and baby Kit stroll through MandaLao


3. The beautiful bond between a mother pig and her piglets


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