Top 3 Instagram photos April 2018


From rescuing wildlife used in entertainment, to the rescue of a baby seal in Maine, our Instagram tells the stories of our work to protect animals worldwide through a visual medium.

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Each month, we look back at the photos our Instagram audience has most reacted to; each one serving as a special reminder of our commitment to end animal suffering around the world.

Through our audience's interactions with these moments, they've shown support for animal rescues, and long-term advocacy work to making lasting change for large numbers of animals in need.

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3. Baby seal rescued from certain death


2. A puppy emerges from debris of the storm


1. After 20 years of suffering, Anca the bear is finally free


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Mother pigs deserve better

pig, EU

With most mother pigs suffering in cruel confinement; a report shows the similarities between post-birth disorders in human moms and mother pigs.