Help bears break free

On a secluded private property in the west of Romania, at least five captive bears live illegally under lock and key.

Life is miserable. They have little to do but pace the length of their concrete prisons. Some may bite the bars in frustration or boredom.

They are being denied the freedom they deserve, and we need your help urgently to change this. Please sign our petition now to help free the Fantanele bears.

A chance to influence

Despite this being against the law, a man continues to hold the bears captive.

The new Romanian government takes power this month. This is a rare chance to demand that action is taken by gathering thousands of signatures in a new petition and pressuring the newly elected representatives to act.

The government must enforce the law and confiscate the bears, as they have done in similar situations previously.

A first taste of freedom

We help fund the Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti, Romania, run by our partner Asociatia Miloane de Priteni. It's a lush, forest sanctuary, waiting to give these wild animals their first ever taste of freedom. Add your name to our petition for the government in Romania to help bring the Fantanele bears to the safety of this sanctuary.

*Images represent the conditions suffered by captive bears and do not show the specific bears involved with the Fantanele petition