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Global Guardian Project is an online course provider for children ages 5-12, parents and teachers that focuses on inspiring kids to be mindful of our planet and teaching them about sustainability, animals and conservation. 

In addition to educational content, GGP also shares daily actions that can help our planet and inspires children to become changemakers and global stewards.

50% of the World Map poster proceeds will be donated to us.


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"We're very excited to partner with World Animal Protection. Helping children expand their compassion toward all animals is an important part of Global Guardian Project's mission. We want to inspire children to show compassion for all living things AND empower them to take action of their own to protect vulnerable and endangered species.   We want more children across the world to become animal advocates right from their own home. Through this partnership, we can do that and create a positive impact that will literally change the world.  You're never too young to make a difference."

- Rebecca Lane, Founder of Global Guardian Project


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