Hiding behind a smile

Despite thousands of people all over the world signing our petition, Expedia Group still refuses to stop funding cruel dolphin captivity.

They believe they can hide behind the dolphin’s smile – but we’re calling them out.

Escalating pressure

Now that we know Expedia Group is giving dolphins the silent treatment, we're going straight to the company to demand that it stop selling, offering or promoting any dolphin shows or experiences.

We must urge it to stop profiting from the misery of captive dolphins and protect them from this cruelty instead.

Add your voice to help these magnificent and intelligent creatures by emailing Expedia Group now.

Email Expedia Group

Subject: Stop profiting from captive dolphin suffering

Dear Expedia Group,

I was disappointed to learn that Expedia Group and its subsidiaries still sell and promote cruel dolphin shows and experiences. World Animal Protection’s recent reports, Behind The Smile and The Case Against Marine Mammals in Captivity, demonstrate that dolphins suffer immensely in captivity. Today there are more than 3,000 dolphins around the world held in tiny and barren concrete tanks that in no way can meet their needs as wild animals, all in the name of entertainment and profit for companies, including Expedia Group.

Most dolphins live in tanks with space that’s hundreds of thousands times smaller than a dolphin’s natural home range and the combination of inadequate tank sizes and little to no stimulation causes extreme stress. Captive dolphins exhibit stereotypical behaviors such as lifeless floating, jaw-popping and teeth-grinding.

In the wild, dolphins swim up to 50 miles each day, diving depths of hundreds of feet and interact with dozens of pod-mates. In captivity, they are traded from facility to facility, eat dead fish, swim in endless circles, and perform for food.

Holding dolphins in captivity purely for entertainment is not innocent family fun. It’s cruelty, pure and simple. Every ticket sold prolongs a dolphin's miserable existence.

I urge you to lead the way by ending Expedia Group’s offerings of venues that keep marine mammals in captivity. It’s time to do the right thing and protect these animals instead of profiting from them.

Thank you,
[Your name]

Email Expedia Group

Tell Expedia Group to STOP profiting from dolphin suffering. Dolphins are wild animals. Not entertainers.

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