Disaster management fund

When disaster strikes animals are often the most vulnerable victims.

Your donation can save them.


$8 could buy lifesaving feed for a cow for one week helping them survive the disaster


$16 could provide a first aid pack to treat an injured working animal (horse, donkey or buffalo) saving it's life


$81 could pay for anti-parasites treatment for 100 animals, essential in an emergency when animals can become easily infected

For more than 50 years, World Animal Protection has worked tirelessly to save millions of animals in disasters all over the world.

Our Disaster Relief Team save animals from floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters by:

  •     working alongside local vets to treat sick or injured animals
  •     distributing food and water to starving and dehydrated animals
  •     acting as catalyst to establish an organized local response to animals in need
  •     moving animals away from danger and creating temporary shelters
  •     providing disaster preparedness training for future disasters

World Animal Protection aims to get living conditions back to normal – or improve them – for all affected animals.

By supporting our Disaster Relief Fund, you enable us to have the funds ready to bring immediate relief to animals when a disaster strikes. 

Please give generously today. 

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