Looking to buy a wild animal as a pet? Hopefully we can change your mind.

  • Hungry African grey parrots: They eat a vast variety of fruits and seeds. You'll have to spend a lot of time and money foraging for the right food
  • Sickly Asian otters: In captivity, many of these aquatic animals develop painful health problems. Get ready for a sick pet and big vet bills
  • Dying Indian star tortoises: An incredibly high number of pet tortoises die within the first year in the home. Who'd want to lose their pet so soon?

It's simple: no wild animal can have its needs entirely met when kept as a pet.

Ripped from their homes

Poachers often kill protective otter parents, so they can capture their young before selling them on.

Often, parrots destined for pet shops have been stolen from the wild and have endured immense suffering, such as having their flight feathers chopped off and being crammed into tiny, filthy containers. The majority will die in transit.

African grey parrot kept as a pet - World Animal Protection - Wildlife. Not pets

Stress and self harm

Pet African grey parrots often rip out their own feathers due to stress and boredom. Being trapped in the unnatural environment of a home has serious psychological consequences.

Indian star tortoises are sensItive creatures. Handling them can cause horrible disease and even death.

Sign our pledge

We're asking you to become a wildlife protector, by pledging not to buy wild animals as pets.

We know people often purchase exotic pets because they’re animal lovers. Animals bring joy to our lives, so it’s understandable that we’d want them to be part of our home.

Many exotic pet owners, however, are unaware of the daily suffering their animals endure.

We encourage everyone to appreciate and respect wild animals where they belong – in the wild. We should only share our homes with domesticated animals who’ve evolved over thousands of years to be our companions, and whose needs can be completely met as pets.

Sign our pledge, and help us protect wildlife by keeping them where they belong. In the wild.

Indian star tortoise in India - World Animal Protection - Animals in the wild

Sign the #WildlifeNotPets pledge

We're asking you to be a wildlife protector by pledging not to buy wild animals as pets.

Sign our #WildlifeNotPets pledge and help us protect wildlife by keeping them where they belong. In the wild.

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