Julie Cappiello

Campaign Manager - Wildlife. Not entertainers

Hi, I’m Julie.

As the U.S. Campaign Manager for Wildlife. Not Entertainers, I work on our campaigns to protect wild animals from the abuses of the entertainment industry.

An animal rights activist for nearly a decade and a vegan for almost as long, I became active in animals in entertainment campaigns at the age of 18, shortly thereafter starting my own nonprofit to focus on the issue.

Before joining World Animal Protection, I have worked in grassroots, political, and international animal rights organizations and have expertise in nonprofit management, community organizing, social media and digital marketing, and managing staff from around the world including Latin America, Brazil, India, and Asia.

My writings focus on news surrounding animals in the entertainment industry. 

Have a question about my blogs or news you’d like to share? Email me at JulieCappiello@worldanimalprotection.us or tweet me @dolphindefender.