Our collaboration

Animals Facing Left is raising awareness of animal rights through simplistic forms of artwork.

By partnering with World Animal Protection and creating a unique collection for us, AFL is able to further help animals and bring attention to the cruelty and suffering animals go through.

10% of sales will be donated to us.

Save the pangolins

Pangolins have earned the reputation as one of the most illegally trafficked mammal. There are eight species of pangolin, four in Asia and four in Africa.  

While there is lots of coverage of the scale of the illegal pangolin trade, our report, Suffering at Scale, reveals just how cruel and painful the practice is for these gentle animals. 

Pangolins are also known as scaly anteaters. They’re the only mammals covered in scales, which can protect them from predators.

Ironically, it’s these scales that are the driving force behind the illicit pangolin trade, which has put all pangolin species at high risk of extinction.

Learn more about the brutal reality of pangolin poaching from our news story here.

From the artist



"World Animal Protection has an activistic and community based approach to spreading their message, and that approach reflects my own artistic point of view. So many animals are in need of our help and we have reached a point of no return. The survival of many different species are at eminent risk, and the livestock industry is the most inhuman approach to date. I believe awareness is the main tool for supporting animals in our social media era, and activism through community is the other half of our journey. As an artist, to collaborate with nonprofits is to combine these approaches in order to create a wider, stronger impact."

- Idan Shimoni, Animal Rights Activist & Animals Facing Left Artist